Hillary Clinton Should Apologize This Week (take it from me)

So James Carville says this whole, you know, government-email-on-a-private-server thing is the heir of Whitewater, a manufactured Clinton hit job with no there, there. Let me tell you where I was when the Bill Clinton US Senate impeachment conviction vote happened.

I was a lucky Ohio Clintonista, so by February, 1999 I was working for one of those USAID funded democracy programs in Kiev, Ukraine, training political parties, election observers, and civic organizations the ins and outs of democracy, while, back home in my democracy, my president was getting his comeuppance for a blow job from an intern.

Generally, at the time, Americans in Eastern Europe were treated like royalty. If there was any anti-American feeling shot my way, either in my work, or on the streets, or in airports, anywhere in my many travels, this one blow job was the only negative thing anyone brought up when I told them I gave seminars about democracy for a living.

I watched the vote, live, on the best dial up internet connection you could possibly get in 1999 in Kiev, alone, in our office, in the middle of the night. Thanks, Bill. My Dutch colleague took me out and got me good and drunk.

The only reason we got to that point was because Bill Clinton wouldn’t cop to getting busted, and instead dragged every American through years of total humiliation, while we waited for him to come clean. But most especially, Bill expected, nay, demanded, that us Clintonistas spend some of the best years of our professional lives defending Bill Clinton. To. The. Death. Led by, no coincidence, the same Clinton dead enders leading us all back into battle to defend another moronic blunder, except this time, it’s a real doozy.

Not just a blow job, this one, Mr. Carville. I’m comfortable speaking for every down ticket Clintonista out there, current or former; this country does not need another long legal battle about a Clinton’s bone headed moronic power move. Stop it. You and Lanny Davis and Paul Begala need to do an about face, right now, or you’re walking out on a limb that snapped 17 years ago.

Backed up by counted votes (go ahead, Google me, I’ll wait) I can say with certainty that there is moral and political power in sincere contrition for a mistake, which the voters accept, when given all the facts, and asked to judge for themselves. You take the voters’ judgment one way or the other, but it is their choice who leads them. Americans have to crawl back our credibility on democracy matters, one voter at a time.

So I hope Hillary starts her press conference this week with an apology. If she does, no one will care what comes after that. That’ll be the news, won’t it. A fresh breeze amidst the stifling fog of Clinton Fatigue. A Clinton Comes Clean. Now that’s a nice headline.

Too bad James Carville can’t imagine that advice.

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