Redfern’s Sugar Daddy Ron Malone’s Marion Mafia gets hosed in House Minority Battle

You may have heard that this afternoon, recently elected member of the Ohio House, David Leland, pulled out of the race to be Ohio House Minority Leader, insuring that Dayton State Rep. Fred Strahorn, an African American, would be minority leader.

There’s a whole ton o’ tea leaves there for the Ohio Democratic Party Chair race. Let’s read ’em, shall we?

Leland served four terms as Ohio Democratic Party Chairman, was Ted Strickland’s finance chair, and won the seat vacated by John Patrick Carney who ran for state auditor in 2014, with Ted Strickland (honorarily) chairing that campaign. In short, Leland is the old schooler’s old schooler, is largely responsible for the repeatedly disastrous Lee Fisher, helped get Chris Redfern elected state chair in 2005, and his campaign for House Minority leader after the election is a product of the same crowd that gave us Chris Redfern.

That Redfern crowd at the ODP Executive Committee level is led by Ron Malone. Malone has two relatives on the ODP Executive Committee with him, including his wife Kathy, nephew Larry, and his successor as OAPSE/AFSCME political director Randy Weston, Joe Rugola the executive director of OAPSE/AFSCME, and legendary neanderthal hatchet man Bill Demora, who is a partner in Ron Malone’s rinky dink consulting firm Strategies Unlimited, which sucks off the ODP teat like a champ. That crowd includes two more people on the Executive Committee named Rugola (likely related), plus Tim Burga, president of the AFL/CIO. Insiders estimate Ron Malone and his ilk control a block of possibly 20 votes for ODP Chair.

This crowd is also known as “The Marion Mafia”. It’s precisely the same crowd that shoved…wait for it….ROB BURCH down ODP’s throat in 1994, the ONLY candidate for governor to do worse than Ed FitzGerald in the last 150 years. Essentially, the Marion Mafia are the people who have given Ohio Democrats the most catastrophic candidates in the history of the party, and for some reason (CASH MONEY HOLMES), they all got together to try and make David Leland House Minority leader…probably because Bill Demora used to be Lee Fisher’s driver. It’s that idiotic, oh yes it is.

Well, the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus, which is very Cleveland heavy, stood strong, and Leland dropped out. We can quibble about whether or not Strahorn will make a good minority leader, but (a) does it really matter? and (b) Malone’s Marion Mafia being on the run and defeated is VERY good for anyone who does not want Chris Redfern’s filthy paws in ODP anymore. Malone’s Mafiosi block of votes on the executive committee is the core of Redfern’s support, they are not going to back anyone for ODP Chair unless that new chair promises there’s something in it for Redfern on his way out the door, and if they are getting crushed in the cloak room, by African American Democrats, that is great news for transparency and accountability in ODP.

Frankly, given this crowd’s decades long track record of utter failure at the state level, I cannot believe these people can influence what to order from the god damned appetizer menu, let alone statewide candidates for ODP. Well, they do, and right now, what they want is a big fat golden parachute for Chris Redfern their pathetic “consulting” bullshit can suck off for eternity, while Redfern fucks the party up some more. Why don’t you guys just hire Redfern to be Bill Demora’s driver? Nobody wants Redfern hanging around, guys. Wake up and smell Rob Burch’s stale 20 year old coffee, for god’s sake, you morons.

And if Democrats who care about winning, progressive values, and America’s future would get together for once (I’m looking at you Tim Ryan, Jeff Johnson, et al), these buffoons can be told to hit the road. Looks to me like Fred Strahorn did just that.

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