Listening tours be damned – ODP Chair Vote Scheduled for December 13

Pictured above is Bill Demora, who will hold the gavel for the Ohio Democratic Party meeting scheduled for December 13 where ODP will vote on a replacement for Chairman Chris Redfern. The last time Bill Demora gaveled to order such a vote, he pounded that gavel to help shout down Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones while forcing through Ron Malone’s Marion Mafia’s choice for chair, Redfern. It’s highly unlikely that any executive committee meeting would occur, let alone a vote called for chair, if Demora didn’t already know that Ron Malone has the votes to gavel through the Marion Mafia’s choice.

Yesterday’s Carnegie Roundtable discussion in Cleveland about ODP Chair, hosted by Charles Bibb, was attended by Cleveland City Councilman Jeff Johnson, who has a vote for chair as a member of the ODP executive committee. I asked Jeff who he supports, and Jeff announced that if the vote were held today, he would support former Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory first and Nina Turner second. I don’t know if this means the deal has already been struck for Mallory and Jeff is the first executive committee member to break that news, or if Jeff is just playing hard to get with Nina Turner, a potential rival for the Cleveland 2017 mayoral race.

Either way, seems to me a deal is done. So much for listening tours. I certainly hope for the sake of the Ohio Democratic Party that whoever Bill Demora is wielding the gavel for is immediately perceived as a major break from the 20 year pattern of letting a small money motivated cabal of middle aged downstate white dudes choose the two most catastrophic gubernatorial candidates in the history of the party. Because if not, likely base voters are going to notice another stitch up, they’re going to see yet another rigged game, and they will reasonably refuse to engage with a political party that’s just another tool of the rigged game. Another stitch up will be cancerous to ODP, Ohio, and our country. It won’t reverse the decline in voter turnout, to the contrary, it will accelerate it.

My fingers are crossed. Come one guys, do the right thing.

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