By all means, ODP, double down on the 1% with David Pepper

Well, I was off by only three days; who says I don’t admit when I’m wrong!? ODP’s vote for state chair is December 16. Bill Demora wouldn’t call a meeting unless his overlords in Ron Malone’s Marion Mafia told him they had the votes for their guy (musta needed those extra 3 days!), and that guy looks like it’s fortunate son David Pepper, an heir to a billionaire. This oughta send just the right message as the GOP, predictably, turns its attention to Hillary Clinton’s six figure speaking fees.

I’ve never understood ODP’s constant fascination with landed gentry downstate rich white boys, except for the downstate part. Since well before Ted Strickland, the Malone Mafia has forced downstate middle aged white males onto ODP out of a zombie effort to chase angry downstate white males, just like themselves. Ted Strickland was their poster child. Look! Ted’s a reverend! He’s holy! Look! Ted gets endorsed by the NRA! Rootin’ tootin’ shoot ’em up Ted, yeeeahaaawwww! This is the level of sophistication of the Redfern era. See if you can get ODP to seem to grunt like a neanderthal, just enough, and you might slice and dice a few votes outta Columbiana County to elect…..elect what exactly?

Well, a guy like David Pepper. A nice enough fellow, with $10,000 in parking tickets. Did we not just go through Ed FitzGerald? Even at the highest fever pitch of the Fitz calamity in August, the fantasy among the boot licking ODP dead enders held that Fitz was all the media’s fault for overblowing a silly old driver’s license, as if average voters did not immediately latch onto the grotesque conceit of a former prosecutor and FBI agent driving around picking up multiple women not his wife while not having a driver’s license for 10 years. Some things (like Hillary’s speaking fees) just break through all the noise and hit voters in the gut. ODP still, incredibly, is blind to that. For a very long time.

No one really knows what David Pepper actually did for a living, since he never has had to do anything for a living. One thing Pepper did was a continuing legal education seminar (itself a corrupt gravy train of the legal profession…that’s a whole ‘nother rant) for corporate clients of his last law firm, Blank Rome, a corporate law firm specializing in corporate defense. The subject? Elizabeth Warren’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. I’m sure Pepper, while on the payroll of Blank Rome, was the voice of the 99% in that room. That’s of course what we’re supposed to think.

So Bill Demora will gavel a vote to give the 1% ex officio take over of its already de facto control of the Ohio Democratic Party on December 16. Meanwhile, the energy on the left is literally lying prone in the streets to stop traffic over the near constant state sanctioned, broad daylight, summary execution of the children of the most important and loyal portion of the Democratic base. I didn’t see, or hear, David Pepper comment on any of that. We never will. This sprint to irrelevance is truly breathtaking.

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