Some years ago when Tim Hagan challenged Rep. Mary Rose Oakar for her Congressional seat I advised voters, “Hold your nose and vote for Mary Rose.”

Mary Rose would accept any support she could get from anywhere. Beside the ditty amused her. She got a good laugh.

She won re-election, too.

Now I would advise any Ohio voter to do similarly for Edward Fitzgerald for Governor of Ohio. Just do it.


Because of the other guy, Gov. John Kasich. As with Oakar-Hagan, it’s a matter of who will do you less harm.

Kasich has proven to be a sly Republican. He’s acting moderate. But he no less a right-winged Republican. That means someone who will reflect the needs of the powerful not of the needy. Don’t fall for that nonsense that he comes from working class parents. He forgot them long ago.

He’s an elite lover.

If you believe the Plain Dealer it’s a matter of a driver’s license and a late night, questionable parking issue by FitzGerald with a woman not his wife.

But let me tell you that isn’t going to have anything to do with who will benefit and who will pay in the next four yours if you live in Ohio.

It’s the Plain Dealer’s desire to once again endorse Kasich the Corporate guy for Ohio Governor. And extend its desire to the news pages.

That’s what the paper did four years ago and gave Kasich the Governor’s chair instead of Ted Strickland. Strickland would have been much better for Ohioans and especially for those who here with most need for a government that works for them, at least some of the time.

When the PD endorsed Kasich four year ago it said it did so “with trepidation.” And the wise guy Governor immediately proved them right that far.

You do remember Sen. Bill 5 (also endorsed by the PD) and its blitzkrieg against workers don’t you. It was the true Kasich.

You had to get thousands of signatures to get it on the ballot and vote it down.

That helped make Kasich somewhat coy about how he treated those who aren’t wealthy for the next four years. But not the next four years.

You can bet that once he gets re-elected – and by a large margin as seems likely – he will be the old Kasich. The corporate Kasich.

You can expect lower taxes on the rich. You can expect him to thumb his nose at local governments and starve them of revenue. You can maybe kiss your state highways good-by. And who cares about schools?

It will be tea party time. It will be Johnny looking to Washington. It will be bazookas at working people.

People have to begin to read these politicians with wide open eyes.

I’ve been critical of FitzGerald. I believe he sold out on too many issues to ingratiate himself with the Cleveland establishment.

But you have to measure the expected policies of both a Republican and a Democrat. And there is no real choice. Unless you’re a PD reporter or editor.

The PD actually said it well in its endorsement:

“But here’s what’s scary about Kasich. With his Red Bull style it is sometimes hard to tell what’s his core belief, what’s hot air and whether he knows the difference.”

He knows the difference. He has been playing coy since the voters burned his ass on Sen. Bill 5.

That doesn’t mean if he gets the chance he’ll play the right-wing ideologue once again. It is especially true if he’s able to have a blowout victory that seems likely. It is the conservative-leaning PD’s desire. The paper is important because Cuyahoga County is a crucial vote-rich place for FitzGerald and the rest of the Democratic ticket with a number of promising candidates.

And the PD is bashing FitzGerald. And looking the other way at the possible damage Kasich can do. To schools. To Medicaid when he changes his tune.

Once Kasich wins re-election he will veer right. Sharp right.

The PD once called Kasich a “Fox News provocateur.” The fox doesn’t change his habits when the hens (you and me) are available and unguarded.

Kasich is really a kind of lazy guy who rides on P. T. Barnum humbuggery. He’s a fake.

The shame is that he gets away with it as so-called journalists can’t seem to shake the lack of a driver’s license as a major defect and not the policies that damage people who have needs.

It’s shameful how dumb or deceitful the news media are.



Tim: Green would be good but I worry about those under FitzGerald on the ticket. It usually helps if the top gets a vote. Not voting for FitzGerald could throw some voters away from other worthy Democratic candidates. Also, you should make a decision whether you want to be a politician or a reporter/commentator. Hard to ethically play both sides of the street.

Eugene: Unfortunately, we have to go with the candidate we have, not the one we wish we had.

That’s why I used the “hold your nose” line.

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